Our Distinguish Members and well wishers of this Society. We are introducing herewith an Annual Achievement and progress. In the fast molesting scenario in this State of Delhi more or less almost institution/society due to lack of local initiatives and political help still any of the pockets are under deplorable conditions both from infrastructure availability and economy. It is true for any developing are of the Nation that lopsided development is leading to large scale migration of the rural/urban poor towards. The city is in search of Jobs and economic opportunities. Delhi is no exception to the phenomenon and hence the city has witnessed a phenomenal growth in the recent part the civic authorities are unable to cope with the over growing demand for basic needs/amenities such as electricity, water, sanitation etc. The gap for other needs such as education, health care facilities and shelter etc. is very wide range still more than 48% are deprived of such facilities.

In changing scenario Life Heath Care Organization has and is moderating a actual attempt to supplement some of the services of social & economic section-Health Education and skill development, Environment, Health & Hygiene, Initially the emphasis was on Health Care, Le. preventive, primitive and curative interventions, and relieving the need interventions, and believing the need for an integrated approach.

Life Heath Care Organization is implementing program in all the major sectors which effects the life of the down trodden and under privileged people of slum and resettlement colony.

The organization has shifted its approach from health care to more broad based integrated or holistic approach for overall development of community.



The Society wise activities was reach out in the different areas has been worth appreciation initially these efforts were earned out with the available funds of the consumer society and later the intensity and reach out was increased with funds from individual donors and corporate sectors etc. 2017 – 2018 marked another year in our efforts of promoting sale guarding and highlighting voluntarism and voluntary action in this city apart from this annual progress achievements report has been compiled keeping in view the objectives of Life Heath Care Organization .

Some of these issues that were high lighted disclaim held and views shared with different participation of civil society in various platforms need special mentioned.

Some of these are more and effective and successfully completed.

Life Heath Care Organization has worked towards achieving the following activities for which it was set-up.

As a result of the general decision to taken up different planned activities issue society has actively participated in the several social development on focus was and organizing seminar/workshops meetings to inform people to involve people at large about planned agenda, processes and out comes of the programme.

Keeping in view the society’s action plan to bring out a collaborative relationship between voluntary organization and government a basic policy that would government, voluntary organization relationship in Delhi State.

I wish to put record my deep appreciation of gratitude to our working committee on members friends any sympathizers without whose guidance and supports we would have been unable to achieve on stated objective and plan of action.

I would also like 10 put on record my appreciation of all my collogue in Trust for their in stained support of our well wishers of society’s secretariat will appreciate critical comments and inputs from all our well known endeavors. So that we can improve our functioning in coming years.
Life Heath Care Organization is non profit making, registered Under Societies Reg. Act 1860 with its head office in Shri Ram Colony Karawal Nagar Delhi. The Society came into being in year 2011 and registered in 2013  by a group of social workers, doctors and like-minded people to work for the economically and educationally downtrodden people and since then it has been working among the under privileged communities to promote the spirit of national harmony and integration towards sustainable development.



Kachi Khajoori, Pakki Khajoori,Shri Ram Nagar, Sonia Vihar is targeted for different activities has undertaken by our governing body and willing to expand our area will be adopt work further 2017-2018 marked in our efforts of promoting various programme in our targeted area and we covered  main activities as per our planning activities in this year Le. Education, Community, Environment, Disaster Management, Community development, SHG, Youth Centre activities etc.


Life Heath Care Organization has taken up various development activities for the target people in this year:-


Society has been running a charitable dispensary at Shree ram Colony Delhi about 500 peoples benefitted in this dispensary.


Society has organized HIV Awareness camp at at Shri Ram Colony about 450 peoples participated in this camp


The Society has been running very successfully education centre Le. one Skill

Development Training centre have been established and continuing .The specialty worked hard for promotion of Adult Education.


We have conducted environment awareness programme in several working area and involve Urban Students Labor, Common People  to reveal their role in environment and pollution centre we k have also con- ducted waste management Biodiversity Conservation camps, plantation, rallies with the co-  ordination with present and environment.

5.      HEPETITIS  AWARENESS CAMP                  

Society has organize Hepatitis Awareness camp at at Shri Ram Colony about 450 peoples participated in this camp



Society has organized health check Up camp at at Shri Ram Colony about 400 peoples participated in this camp


Organization has decided to work more, initiative more as planned by our governing body decided for next year 2017-2018 financial years.


Society has devoted maximum time to work in several areas over slum and resettlement colony in Delhi.

a)         Adopt new and innovating health, education, activities for community.

b)      Training of Health workers.

c)      AIDS awareness programme.

d)      More effective anti-tobacco awareness programme.

e)      Cancer detection.

f)       Legal Aid centre.

g)      Micro credit campaign.

h)      Initiate sector wise programme under skill development programme.

i)          Licensing in different department and agencies in Govt. and Foreign agency.

j)        Establish AIDS care & rehabilitation programme.

k)      To .establish various academic & professional institutions and colleges.

We think our society for the whole heartedly services and best cooperation the aims and objective of our society with the continued cooperation and financial help from the donors. We confident and ensure that our society will extend services to more for vulnerable down trodden section of the society in the present scenario.

It is very co-operative and humble respect to our distinguish members and almighty that the organization may continue to bear witness in as powerful a way as possible to in future services in society.

With best wishes