More Our Future Plan

Dr. Hanif


 Organization has decided to work more, take initiative more as planned by our governing body.

a)   Adopt new and innovating health, education, activities for poor and helpless community.

b)  To open Hospitals and Schools for poor people.

c)   Para Medical College for poor students.

d)  AIDS awareness programme.

e)   Establish AIDS care & rehabilitation programme

f)   To establish various academic & professional institutions and colleges for poor people.

g)   Training of Health workers.

h)  Cancer detection.

We think our society for the whole heartedly services and best cooperation the aims and objective of our society with the continued cooperation and financial help from the donors. We confident and ensure that our society will extend services to more for vulnerable down trodden section of the society in the present scenario.

It is very co-operative and humble respect to our distinguish members and almighty that the organization may continue to bear witness in as powerful a way as possible to in future services in society.

To work on programmes which supports ecological integrity, economic and social justice, and provides sustainable livelihoods.

To work for human health and environmental sustainability through promotion the programmes and activities for rural development and natural resources management.

To work for generating awareness and capacity building of community to cope up with drinking water, sanitation and hygiene issues of the region.To promote the programmes which facilities the traditional and indigenous pattern of living that respect and honour the earth and its life support system aminely with medicinal plants, bio-fertilizers, bio-pesticides, organic farming, effluvent treatment and utilization as fertilizers etc.

To work for generating awareness and to develop understanding about mitigation measures of global warming and climate change.

With best wishes